Enterprise Class Internet

Broadband Internet

We offer true Broadband Internet Speeds with amazing throughput. Increase productivity in your workplace with fast, reliable internet.

Built for Business

Engineered to meet the internet needs of today’s businesses. Keep your business running smoothly with the highest line quality, and superior throughput.

Custom Connections

From Gigabit Internet Speeds to dedicated point-to-point wireless gigabit connections. All this with the quality that only qnectU can provide.

SLA Level Service

Your business deserves Internet that is always working for you. Which is why we offer a 99.9% or higher up-time SLA guarantees on all of our services.

The qnectU Advantage

qnectU has engineered a highly redundant network consisting of
13 Tier1 and Tier2 Backbone Internet Providers
to ensure that your internet stays up no matter what.

Keep Your Data Flowing

qnectU provides the highest quality enterprise level Internet connections.

With a network that is engineered to ensure the lowest latency and jitter with a 99.9% or greater SLA guarantee you will notice that qnectU Internet is leaps and bounds above run-of-the-mill Internet providers.


Be Ready for Today’s Business

We know that your business needs to be connected at all times from the smallest wireless device to your mission critical servers. We’ve engineered our Internet service to be fully capable of connecting all of your devices at once so that your business can keep its data flowing.

Fast Installation Times

We own the last mile, which means that we are not brokering or reselling for some other provider. So there will be no lead time waiting for some other provider to provision services and/or run cables or install equipment. We will get your business online and being productive faster than you can imagine.
Get Connected Fast

Backed by Multiple Tier1 and Tier2 Internet Backbones

Our carrier class network is redundantly connected to 13 major Internet backbones providing 99.999% uptime to the qnectU network which ensures that your business stays productive and your data flows uninterrupted.
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